On March 1st, I-Com invited Pierre Delsaux – Director General of the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (HERA), to participate – as a guest speaker – to a power breakfast on HERA focussed on assessing the State of EU health preparedness against future fire drills. The event was joined by representatives from various institutions, trade and consumer associations, as well as independent experts and industries.

During the event I-Com presented its policy brief on the issue at stake. The document discusses HERA’s activities and initiatives in 2022, which included partnerships with Member States, launching a call for a framework contract related to EU FAB, finalizing advance purchase agreements and joint procurement contracts for COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, and contributing to building stockpiles for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats. The policy brief also analyses HERA’s main objectives for 2023 which are focused on providing support to Member States for pandemics and large-scale health crises, with a focus on availability and accessibility of medical counter-measures.

As well, the research document recalls HERA Work Plan for 2023 which includes five flagship initiatives, such as establishing a state-of-art IT system for intelligence gathering, ensuring the further development of medical counter-measures, reserving manufacturing capabilities for vaccines, establishing a financing mechanism, and developing a strategy on EU-level stockpiling of medical counter-measures.

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