As Parliamentary activities will stop in the week of 15-19 May, only the activities of the EU Council and Working Groups are reported. Specifically, the work of Coreper I and the ECOFIN Council. In addition, an important Eurogroup meeting is envisaged on Monday.


Wednesday 17 May 2023. Coreper I will deal with the progress of the report on the Interoperable Europe Act.


Wednesday 17 May 2023. Coreper I will consider the final compromise text on the Renewable Energy Directive.


Monday 15 May 2023. The Eurogroup will meet in Brussels. As the Commission will present its economic forecasts for the spring, ministers will discuss the outlook and challenges for policy coordination. There will also be a discussion on the situation of the eurozone corporate sector in a context of rising geopolitical tensions. In addition, there will be an account of recent international meetings, supervisory and resolution activities in the banking sector and an update on the state of the banking sector considering recent financial events.

Tuesday 16 May 2023. The Economic and Financial Affairs (ECOFIN) Council will set out its position on the ‘DAC8’ Directive on tax cooperation. At the meeting, the Commission will present its proposals for the revision of the framework for bank crisis management and deposit insurance, and an assessment will be made of the economic impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine, focusing on customs issues. Following, the Commission will inform ministers about the implementation of sanctions against Russia and the progress of the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), providing the opportunity to exchange views on loan applications. In addition, the progress of legislative proposals in the field of financial services will be presented. Finally, other meetings will also take place, including the Eurogroup and an economic and financial dialogue between the EU, the Western Balkans and Turkey.