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The role of green finance on the European path to ecological transition

Domenico Salerno
The ambitious programme of the European Union towards climate neutrality by 2050 requires a huge use of economic resources. In the last 10 years, global investments in the low-carbon energy transition have more than...

2021 highlights the need for advanced, safe and accessible digital networks

Thomas Osborn
2021 marked a key year for the European development of last generation networks and ultimate digital services, with several promising milestones concerning not only financial and technological aspects, but also a wider spread among...

The EU position in the AI Global Race and the situation in the Member...

Maria Rosaria Della Porta
The interest in AI has grown dramatically in Europe. According to some estimates, the European AI software market alone should see a significant growth in the coming years, with revenues increasing from around US$...

The way to a greener and smarter mobility

Michele Masulli
One of the most important challenges facing the transport and mobility sector is to reduce the environmental impact. Reducing the pressures of transport on the environment and climate is critical to achieving the long-term...

Public Affairs, Paola De Angelis rafforza le strategie I-Com sulla salute

Comunicato stampa
Public Affairs, Paola De Angelis rafforza le strategie I-Com sulla salute Inizio d’anno all’insegna di nuovi arrivi all’Istituto per la Competitività (I-Com), il think tank presieduto dall’economista Stefano da Empoli, con sede a Roma e...