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Intelligenza artificiale, la corsa europea alla leadership mondiale sulla regolamentazione tra controllo e sviluppo

Niccolò Giusti
Il Libro Bianco sull’intelligenza artificiale, assieme alla Strategia sui dati, costituisce uno dei pilastri della Strategia digitale pubblicata dalla Commissione europea a febbraio 2020. Come già anticipato nel nostro articolo di dicembre, il Libro...

The State of the Union: Ursula von der Leyen’s message to Europe

Giorgia Termini
On Wednesday 15 September, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen delivered her annual speech on the State of the Union. Von der Leyen spoke during the current plenary session of...
Recovery Plans

COVID Recovery Funds: Italy and another 11 EU Member States have their spending plans...

Giorgia Termini
Recently, on July 13, Italy was among the first countries to receive the green light for the use of the EU recovery and resilience funds. On that day, the ECOFIN Council adopted the first batch...
fit for 55

Fit for 55, come la Commissione europea prevede di ridurre le emissioni Ue

Michele Masulli
La riduzione delle emissioni è il principale obiettivo delle politiche climatiche dell’Unione europea. A questo fine la Commissione ha recentemente pubblicato il corposo pacchetto “Fit for 55”, l’insieme delle misure che dovrebbe collocare l’Ue...

Digital Market Act: Institutional and Enforcement Design

Webinar, DEEP-IN Research Network | 8 July 17:00-18:30 CET

The DEEP-IN NETWORK, powered by I-Com, is organizing its latest Webinar called “Digital Market Act: Institutional and Enforcement Design”. The event will be held on Thursday 8 July, from 17:00 – 18:30 CET, and it will be live-streamed on our websites...

A New Framework for Digital Services in Europe. The VideoTalk with Christel Schaldemose (IMCO...

“A New Framework for Digital Services in Europe. Fostering Competitiveness, Empowering Users”. This is the title of the VideoTalk held on July 1 that hosted as guest speaker Ms. Christel Schaldemose, Rapporteur on DSA,...

Towards a new European Digital Environment


I-Com and PromethEUs organized the digital conference “TOWARDS A NEW EUROPEAN DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT. Preparing for DSA and DMA revolution”. Livestream here: The discussion dealt with the key challenges and policy issues in the digital services and digital...
Joint Declaration

Vaccines, I-Com and other 27 think tanks sign a Joint Declaration

Joint Declaration
I-Com, together with other 27 think tanks from around the world, signed a joint declaration on the importance of IPRs to Covid vaccine Manufacturing Scale-up and Future Pandemic Preparedness. We are an informal coalition of civil...
Health Union

Towards a European Health Union. Lessons learned, future challenges

Policy Brief
The Covid-19 has spread across Europe, and disproportionately hit older and more fragile people, showing a clear social gradient in correlated deaths. Generally speaking, the pandemic showed that a lack of investment in health...

Resilience of the European health system: proposals from the EU Commission

Maria Rosaria Della Porta
“We cannot wait for the end of the pandemic to repair and prepare for the future. We will build the foundations of a stronger European Health Union in which 27 countries work together to...