How to broaden the band: towards a next-generation public intervention in the community sector

Public Conference

It took place on July 13 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Chamber of Deputies – Hall of columns, via Poli 19, the public conference I-Com "How to widen the band: towards a next generation public intervention in the field of electronic communications", which inaugurated the activities of the I-Com Observatory on the Networks of New Generation. Speakers: Stefano DA EMPOLI (President I-Com), Angelo CASTALDO (Vice President & Director of Communications Area), Claudio LEPORELLI (Professor of Economics of Engineering University of Rome "La Sapienza"), Giulio NAPOLITANO (Professor of Public Law University Rome Three), Mario SEBASTIANI (Professor of Political Economy University of Rome "Tor Vergata"), Maurizio DECINA (Professor of Telecommunications , Pier Luigi PARCU (Chairman Economic Study Parcu & Associates), Nicola D'ANGELO (Commissioner authority for Communications Guarantees), Barbara CORRAO (Il Messaggero), Corrado CALABRO' (President Of Authority for Communications Guarantees), Antonio NICITA (Professor of Economic Policy University I-Com), Cesare AVENIA (CEO Ericsson Italy), Stefano CICCOTTI (CEO Rai Way), Mauro FANTIN (CEO Visionee), Marco GAETA (Director of Solutions and Marketing Alcatel Lucent Italy) , Bianca Maria MARTINELLI (Director of Public Affairs and Legals Vodafone Italy), Mario MELLA (Chief Technology Officer Fastweb), Stefano PILERI (Director Technology & Operations Telecom Italia), Giacinto OF CANANEA (Professor of Administrative Law University of Naples "Federico II"), Mario DAL CO (Adviser to the Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation)