2010 report on energy innovation in Italy

Annual report

Over the past decade, the international political agenda has paid increasing attention to energy issues, as more and more resources have been needed to support widespread economic growth. Innovation in this field plays a strategic role: the discovery and exploitation of new energy sources makes supply more differentiated and economic and political independence is safer; Similarly, greater efficiency in energy distribution and consumption decreases production costs on the one hand, and air pollution levels on the other. Given the current and decisive importance of the topic, it is intended to devote a specific deepening to the development of innovation in recent years. It will be observed from a global, then European and finally national perspective. Research is quite complex: innovation, in fact, is a composite phenomenon, with unpredictable and multiple causes and effects. From this perspective, it is impossible to find variables that can determine it exclusively. Therefore, it was decided to limit the analysis to the consideration of the factors that seem to have a major impact on the development of innovation.

Anno: 2010
N° pagine: 168
Autore: Sergio BRUNO, Franco D’AMORE, Silvia LAMONACA, Massimo LA SCALA, Manuela MISCHITELLI, Ugo STECCHI