Theseus Vs. The Italian labyrinth. How to save businesses from institutional conflicts and unlock investment


The Roundtable on the theme was held on November 25th "Theseus Vs. The Italian labyrinth. How to save companies from institutional conflicts and unlock investment". On this occasion, an I-Com policy paper was presented, which explored the impact of institutional conflicts on business activity and in particular on investments. The debate, moderated by Gerardo GRECO, Conductor of Agorà, was attended by: Ignazio ABRIGNANI (Chamber of Deputies), Gianluca BENAMATI (Chamber of Deputies), Fabio CINTIOLI (National School of Administration and Studio Cintioli & Associati), Stefano DA EMPOLI (I-Com), Maurizio DE CICCO (Roche S.p.A.), Nunzio MIRTILLO (Ericsson Telecommunications), Angelo RUGHETTI (Ministry for Simplification and Public Administration), Marco SIMONI (London School of Economics and Presidency of the Council of Ministers) and Ernesto SOMMA (University of Bari and TAP Italy).

Data on paper I-Com foreign investment enterprises
Radio 1 Rai Voci del Mattino- 05-12-2014

I-Com data on conflict between powers, regulatory risk and impact on foreign investment
Radio 24 Focus Economy – 04-12-2014