The Mediterranean Gateway to the Energy Union

The study aims at analysing the future policies that the European Union should adopt in order to ensure to its citizenry the energy supply, with a particular focus on the possible cooperation between EU member states and Southern Mediterranean states. In fact, to understand the upcoming energetic transformations, it is necessary to consider the gap between European countries and Southern Mediterranean countries. It is a matter of fact that European countries produce more GDP and consume more energy, whilst Southern Mediterranean countries produce less GDP and consume less energy, but have a higher population growth rate. In the long term, this last factor will raise the energy demand also in Southern Mediterranean countries, therefore it is necessary to rethink the energetic relations between these two macro-areas, investing in renewable resources and natural gas and improving infrastructures and connections. In this challenging and changing context, the UE could play an important role promoting the dialogue between institutions, market actors and civil society and realizing the aims of the Energy Union-security of supply, competitiveness and sustainability.

Year: 2017
N° of pages: 50
Authors: Stefano da Empoli, Franco D’Amore and Gloria Marcotullio