Moving to a better Europe. How to achieve digital and sustainable mobility

Power Breakfast

“Moving to a better Europe. How to achieve digital and sustainable mobility”. This is the title of the Power Breakfast held on September 12th in our Brussels office.

After a brief introduction by the President of the Institute for Competitiveness (I-Com), Stefano da Empoli, it was the turn of the guest speaker, Ms. Maja Bakran, Deputy Director General of DG MOVE, European Commission.

During the next decades the mobility sector will go through some dramatic changes because of the changes in people’s behavior, as well as other external factors. From a social point of view, several trends will actually require an adaptation in the mobility sector. These trends involve the growing number of people moving to (and within) urban areas, the shift towards an even more individual and personalized mobility – due to the growing number of single-person households and longer life expectancy – and the increase in tourism flows.

These changes require an evolution in the sector both from a regulatory point of view and an opening up to sustainable mobility and new digital technologies.
Moreover, technological progress and, in particular, 5G deployment, are revolutionizing the transport sector enabling new services, improving the existing ones and highlighting new critical issues.

The debate focused on the current challenges that the European Union is facing and on the prospects and possibilities for the future Commission to integrate the mobility sector within a broader framework focused on sustainability and innovation.

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