“Intelligenza artificiale: ultima chiamata”. The book presentation in Brussels with Tinagli, Viola e Tibuzzi


“Intelligenza artificiale: ultima chiamata”, the new book by the President of the Institute for Competitiveness (I-Com) Stefano da Empoli (published by Bocconi) was presented on Tuesday 10 December in Brussels at Se m’ami bookshop in Rue de Namur 80. This is the fifth appointment, after the first in Rome at the Centro Studi Americani on 14 October and those in Milan (22 October), Turin (9 November) and again in Rome (21 November).

The President of the ECON Commission Irene Tinagli and the Director General of DG CONNECT Roberto Viola discussed it together with the author, with the moderation of the Head of ANSA Europe Enrico Tibuzzi.

The essay by da Empoli aims to understand what boost artificial intelligence can give to the competitiveness of our Country System.

If the change of technological paradigm represented by this type of automation system is now obvious, it is more complex to calculate the economic and social impacts of artificial intelligence, particularily concerning the growth of gross domestic product, the labour market and therefore education and training. The book also offers an overview of the race for artificial intelligence at the global level, in which the United States and China are in a position of clear advantage. Those issue and challenges were at the centre of the debate during the presentation, offering a major reflection on the role and actions that the Union and its Member States will have to undertake in order to increase their competitiveness at a global level.

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