Coronavirus footprint on Italian electricity system: first signs

Franco D'Amore

The figure shows the impact of the Italian anti-COVID-19 measures on national electricity consumption. In the first week of March, the average daily consumption during working days was 946 GWh. In the following week, this slowed down to 881 GWh (-7% compared to week n.1), and then, in the first two days of the third week it plummeted to an average of 793 GWh (-16% compared to week n.1).


How long will this decline in electricity demand last? What will be the consequences on the electricity system? What will be the effects on the energy transition process? Only time and the evolution of the infection in Italy and throughout the world will provide clearer answers. For now, we have to give special thanks to all those operators, professionals and workers in the electricity sector and, more in general, in the energy system for providing all of us with an essential service in these difficult times.


E’ Vicepresidente dell’Istituto per la Competitività, un istituto di ricerca indipendente che ha contribuito a fondare nel 2005 e che promuove temi ed analisi sulla competitività in chiave innovativa, all’interno del quadro politico-economico europeo ed internazionale.

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