The Italian electric system and the coronavirus challenge. Some reflections by Franco D’Amore

Franco D'Amore

The monitoring of the impact of the Italian anti-COVID-19 measures on the national electricity consumption shows further clear signs of a slowdown. After the progressive decline in electricity consumption during working days in the second and third week of March (-7% and – 18% compared to the first week), the TSO forecasts a daily consumption of around 720 GWh for the first “working” day of the forth week. This is, slightly above the daily consumption registered during the three Sundays of March – 30% less than the average daily consumption of the first week of March.

He is Vice President and Director of the Energy Area of the Institute for Competitiveness, an independent research institute that helped found in 2005 and which promotes themes and analysis on competitiveness in an innovative key, within the framework European and international political-economic and international.


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