Towards Fair and Inclusive Digital Markets. The VideoTalk with Andreas Schwab (IMCO Committee)

Andreas SCHWAB

“TOWARDS FAIR AND INCLUSIVE DIGITAL MARKETS. The DMA and the balance between competitiveness and innovation”. This is the title of the VideoTalk held on April 27 that saw the participation of Mr Andreas Schwab MEP, Rapporteur on DMA, IMCO Committee, as guest speaker.

After a brief introduction by I-Com President Stefano da Empoli. the Head of I Com Digital Area, Lorenzo Principali, recalled some of the key points of the background document on the DMA. The VideoTalk then continued with a speech by the guest speaker Andreas Schwab, which introduced a Q&A part.

Bringing together EU and national institution representatives, companies, research and business organisations, trade and consumer associations and other relevant stakeholders, the event offered a forum to discuss the challenges and perspectives on the new Digital Market Act, one of the centrepieces of the European Digital Strategy Shaping Europe’s Digital Future. A particular focus was placed on the need to create a safer and more competitive market, by establishing a set of objective criteria for qualifying a large online platform as a so-called “gatekeeper”, in which also SMEs have the possibility to have access.

Many issues emerged during the participated discussion. Namely, is the present regulatory framework effective in clearly outlining the boundaries between different kinds of platforms blurred by phenomena such as international convergence and competitiveness? Could a shift from a purely ex-post approach to ex-ante monitoring and enforcement help speed up public intervention by facilitating early intervention by authorities? Are there are points of friction with the current regulatory framework? Would it be useful to adopt a single text including all the legislation impacting on platforms?


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