The Fit For 55 Package and the Electrification of End-Use Sectors. The VideoTalk with Ms. Paula Pinho, Director Just Transition, Consumers, Energy Efficiency & Innovation (DG ENER)


On Wednesday 15 December 2021, I-Com hosted the EU VideoTalk entitled “The Fit For 55 Package and the Electrification of End-Use Sectors. Challenges and Perspectives ahead” which saw the participation as guest speaker of Ms. Paula Pinho, Director Just Transition, Consumers, Energy Efficiency & Innovation, at DG ENER.

The VideoTalk, held from 09:00 – 10:15 CET, was organized by I-Com in partnership with Enel.

After some introductory remarks, I-Com President Mr. Stefano da Empoli, gave the floor to Mr. Michele Masulli, Director Energy Area I-Com, who proceeded to chair the event. After a brief presentation on the relevant topic, Mr. Masulli invited Ms. Pinho to present her keynote speech. Following, Mr. Michele Bologna, Head of European Affairs, Enel, made some key comments on the topic.

Finally, after having received some questions from the participants, Mr. Masulli gave the floor again to Ms. Pinho to respond and provide the concluding remarks, then he thanked the guest speakers and the public for taking part in the VideoTalk.

The event offered a forum to discuss the role electrification can play as a competitive alternative to fossil fuels within the context of the “Fit for 55” Package recently presented by the European Commission. The VideoTalk was an opportunity to further debate on the increased targets of the share of renewable energy (40% in 2030) in Europe, as well as on how Member States can simplify authorisation procedures and effectively achieve these targets.

A particular focus was given to exploring how this ambitious Package can effectively accompany Member States in the electrification process of end-use sectors such as buildings, heating and transport. Ultimately, the discussion enabled participants to shed light on what perspectives and challenges lie ahead on the road towards a sustainable and carbon neutral economy.

During the talk, participants tried to find answers to the following questions: What is the progress of the European Union towards decarbonisation goals and how can the progress made in the growth of electricity in the share of final consumption be evaluated? What measures should be taken to increase the electrification of end uses, especially in buildings and transport? How can the development of new renewable energy capacity be accelerated to meet the growing demand for end uses and how can we facilitate the spread of electrified technologies, reducing upfront costs for citizens?


I-Com Presentation The Fit for 55 Package and the Electrification of end-use sectors

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