Digital, energy, and health: this week's Brussels agenda in a nutshell

The week of the 28 February-4 March is packed with activities, many of which being of interest to European Parliament Committees. From the meeting of the Commission for the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) to the meeting of the Committee on International Trade (INTA). Members of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) will also gather on Monday 28 February to vote on the draft report on Mental Health in the Digital World of Work. As well, on Tuesday 1 March, the second trilogue for the proposal on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) will take place. As far as the Council is concerned, on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 March 2022, the EU home affairs ministers will meet in Brussels, while the ministers responsible for European affairs will meet in Arles in France for the informal meeting of the General Affairs Council.

Following are the main appointments at European level for the upcoming week regarding the digital, energy and health fields, and further important meetings.


  • Monday 28 February 2022: Members of the IMCO Committee will vote on the adoption of the draft opinion on the annual report (2021) on European competition policy. The opinion will be delivered to the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON), as the responsible committee. The Rapporteur for the opinion for IMCO is the Italian MEP Andrea Caroppo (EPP). As well, during the meeting the Danish MEP Christel Schaldemose(S&D) will update MEPs on the progress of the ongoing inter-institutional negotiations on the Digital Services Act (DSA).
  • Tuesday 1 March 2022: Third trilogue for the Proposal of a Regulation on the Digital Markets Act (DMA).
  • Tuesday 1 March and Thursday 4 March: meeting of the Council working group on Competitiveness and Growth focusing on the internal market.


  • Monday 28 February 2022: INTA Members will vote on the Committee’s opinion on the Commission proposal for a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). CBAM is a climate measure that should prevent the risk of carbon leakage – that is, the shifting of greenhouse gas- emitting industries outside the EU to avoid tighter standards. Through this mechanism the price of carbon between domestic products and imports would become equal ensuring that the EU’s climate objectives are not undermined by production relocated in countries with less ambitious climate goals. Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice-President and Trade Commissioner, will join the meeting and present the EU’s upcoming trade policy initiatives.
  • Tuesday 1 March and Thursday 3 March 2022: Meetings of the Council Working group on Energy. The meetings’ agenda will include the recast of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), aligning its provisions to the new climate goals that aim to enable Europe to reach climate neutrality by 2050, and the proposal to revise the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) presented last 15 December.


  • Monday 28 February 2022: The INTA Committee will discuss the draft report on Mental Health in the Digital World of Work, whose Rapporteur is the Irish MEP Maria Walsh (EPP). The own-initiative draft report addresses the challenges deriving from recent developments within the EU work field, concerning their implications on citizen mental health. Hence, beyond calling for an update of the current legislation on occupational safety and health, the report suggests fixing 2023 as the Year of Good Mental Health.
  • Friday 4 March 2022: Meeting of the Council Working Party on public health.


  • Thursday 3 and Friday 4 March 2022: The EU home affairs ministers will meet in Brussels to take part in the Justice and Home Affairs Council. Ministers will address the situation within the Schengen area, its political governance, as well the proposed regulation on the Schengen evaluation and monitoring mechanism. Further topics on the meetings’ agenda are migration and asylum policies. Ministers are also expected to adopt conclusions on civil protection work in view of climate change-related emergencies.
  • Thursday 3 and Friday 4 March 2022: In Arles, France, ministers responsible for European affairs will gather to attend the informal meeting of the General Affairs Council.