Digital, energy and health: this week’s Brussels agenda in a nutshell

agenda digitale salute energia

The week from 27 June to 3 July 2022 will be packed with events related to energy and environment related topics. The Fit for 55 package will be at the centre of the debate for the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council, the Environment Council and at the meeting of the parliamentary committee for Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) which will take place this week. Ordinary meetings will also be held for the committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), and for the committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN), where MEPs will attend the presentation of the RePowerEU plan and its implications for the transport sector.

During the week the Connecting Europe Days will be held in Lyon, while the European Conference on Industrial Technologies (IndTech) will take place in Grenoble.

Following are the main dossiers to be discussed during the week in the digital, energy and health fields.


  • Monday 27 June to Wednesday 29 June 2022: Grenoble (France) will host the conference on Industrial Technologies (IndTech). The event is organised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the Commission for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy (CEA) and the European Commission. The event will focus on new industrial technologies whose applications are beneficial to the green and digital transition and that, consequently, can boost European competitiveness and research.


  • Monday 27 June 2022: During the meeting of the parliamentary committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE), the Deputy Director-General of DG ENER at the European Commission, Matthew Baldwin, will present the EU strategy of external mobilisation of energy in a changing world to the committee, the plan presented on 18 May 2022 as part of the REPowerEU plan that explains how the EU supports a sustainable, safe and affordable energy transition. As well, Mechtild Wörsdörfer, Deputy Director-General of DG ENER, will present the European strategy for solar energy to ITRE members. During the meeting, the study requested by the same commission to evaluate the decarbonisation paths of the European steel industry will also be presented. Ultimately, the draft report on energy performance in buildings will be discussed. The Rapporteur for the dossier is the Irish MEP Ciarán Cuffe (Greens). Members of the Transport Committee (TRAN) will also attend the presentation by Catharina Sikow-Magny, Director of DG ENER, on the RePowerEU plan and its implications for the transport sector. On the same day, the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (focus on energy) will be held in Luxembourg. The energy ministers will try to agree on a general approach on two proposals of the Fit for 55 package. The two proposals discussed will be on the revision of the energy efficiency directive and on the promotion of renewable energy. Topics for discussion will also include decarbonisation, energy prices and the state of play of the proposal on gas storage.
  • Tuesday 28 June 2022: The ministers responsible for the environment will gather for the Environment Council in Luxembourg. Here as well, the Fit for 55 package will be the main topic of discussion. As well, the revision of the greenhouse gas emissions trading system (EU ETS) and the revision of the CBAM will be looked at. Ministers will also return to discussing the regulation establishing a climate fund.
  • Tuesday 28 June 2022 to Thursday 30 June 2022: Connecting Europe Days 2022 will take place in Lyon, France. Decarbonisation and digitalisation applied to intermodal transport will be the topics on the agenda.


  • Monday 27 June 2022: the parliamentary committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) will also meet. The members of the committee will be updated on the provisional agreement reached during the inter-institutional negotiations on the proposal on serious cross-border threats to health. This is the regulation which aims to improve the bloc’s ability to assess risks and prepare to deal with responses in the event of cross-border threats to health.


  • Sunday 26 June to Tuesday 28 June 2022: Germany, that is holding the 2022 Presidency, will host the G7.
  • Friday 1 July 2022: Czech Republic takes over the Presidency of the Council for the July-September 2022 semester, succeeding France.