Digital, energy, and health: this week's Brussels agenda in a nutshell

The weekly agenda in Brussels from 14 to 18 November begins with an important meeting of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee, which will deal with the main topics inflaming the debate on the EU scene. Also of note is the Council on Atomic Issues with a focus on mini-modular reactors. Eyes also on the Bali G20 and the presentation to the General Affairs Council of the Commission’s 2023 work programme.


Monday 14 November 2022. The session of the Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee will be particularly intense, touching on various topics from electricity market reform to a situation analysis on gas supplies.

ITRE committee members will firstly hold an exchange of views with Matthew Baldwin, one of DG ENER’s Deputy DGs, about the state of play on the Union’s gas supply situation. The Commission will also vote on the draft report on the amendment of the Directive on the Promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive whose rapporteur is German MEP Markus Pieper (EPP). Next, the text amending the Regulation establishing Joint Undertakings under Horizon Europe with regard to the “Chip” Joint Undertaking signed by Bulgarian MEP Eva Maydel (EPP) will be submitted to the Commission for consultation.

Wednesday 16 November 2022. A meeting of the EU Council Working Group on Atomic Issues will take place in Brussels. The focus of the discussions will be the delicate situation in Ukraine, an update on the benefits of mini-modular reactors in Romania, and research on the same by the Joint Research Centre. The focus will then shift to the Evaluation of Commission Regulation (Euratom) No. 302/2005 of 8 February 2005, on the application of Euratom safeguards. Closing the meeting will be the follow-up on the Commission’s report to the Council and the European Parliament on progress in implementing the Nuclear Safety Directive (Directive 2009/71/Euratom, as amended by Directive 2014/87/Euratom).


Tuesday 15 November 2022. The Working Group on Public Health will meet to discuss the draft Council conclusions on Special Report No. 19/2022 of the European Court of Auditors in relation to the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines. The focus will be on the performance of the processes which do not seem to have been sufficiently evaluated.

Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 November 2022. The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which is responsible for evaluating medicines under the centralised procedure that regulates the placing of products on the market in all EU states, will meet in Prague. Topical issues will be the focus of the meeting.


Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 November 2022. The G20 will meet in Bali, Indonesia. Three pillars are on the agenda – the Global Health Architecture, sustainable energy transition and digital transformation.

Friday 18 November 2022. The General Affairs Council will deal with preparatory work for the European Council meeting on 15 and 16 December 2022 with a focus on EU-UK relations, which will be followed by a hearing on respect for EU values in Hungary. However, more importantly, the Commission’s 2023 work programme will be presented.