On Friday 1st March 2024, the Institute had the pleasure of hosting Stephen Quest, Director General of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, for a Policy Breakfast titled “Imagine Europe: A Look at the Future of Innovation in the EU”. The event was held at the I-Com Institute for Competitiveness premises in Rome from 8:00 to 9:30.

The Policy Breakfast was opened with a brief introduction by I-Com and a representative from the European Commission’s office in Italy. This was followed by the keynote speech in which DG Stephen Quest introduced the discussion on the role of scientific research in innovation scenarios in Europe, and on the main Union policies concerning technological development. Special emphasis was placed on the European institutions in light of upcoming mandates, leading to a discussion on topics such as digital transformation, the green transition, and a more humane, health-centred approach to sustainable resource use.

Follow the programme of the event here.