On Tuesday 19 March 2024 , the Institute had the pleasure of co-hosting a Policy Conversation titled “International dialogue and public-private cooperation for a responsible AI ”. The event was held at the Microsoft premises in Brussels from 17:30 to 19:15.

The Policy Conversation was opened with a brief introduction by the President of I-Com Stefano da Empoli and Tjade Stroband , director of AI Policy at Microsoft in Brussels. This was followed by the presentation of I-Com study titled “Innovate with Intelligence: Guidelines for responsible AI in the public and private sectors” .

Following this, a discussion by the seven panel members, composed of European institutions’ representatives and digital affairs experts and policy analysts, went deeper into the ethical and security principles to be applied as AI takes an ever-growing role in all sectors.

The discussion further touched upon the importance of international cooperation in dealing with challenges related to need to ensure responsible AI systems.

Please find as follows the Executive Summary of I-Com study and its Presentation.