The DeepIN research network, promoted by I-Com, on 4 June has held the webinar “Vertical Interoperability in mobile ecosystems: will the DMA deliver (what competition law could not)?

The event delved with the matter of interoperability which promotion has been often pointed out as a fundamental component to address concerns about the competitive dynamics in digital markets.

In the case of mobile ecosystems, the smooth and seamless availability of interoperability features is crucial as third-party devices and apps would be otherwise unable to effectively work and participate within the ecosystems. However, access to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) may be restricted due to privacy, security, or technical constraints. Further, an ecosystem orchestrator may misuse its rule-setting role to pursue anticompetitive goals by restricting or degrading interoperability for third-party services and devices.

The webinar also aimed at investigating the reasons for which antitrust enforcement hasn’t been inadequate and whether effective interoperability can be achieved via specific provision in the Digital Markets Act, taking into consideration the current compliance strategy deployed by designated gatekeepers.

Speakers confirmed:

Konstantina BANIA
Digital Regulation and Competition Law Specialist, Gerain & Partners 


Native Greek,Konstantina is a Partner at Geradin Partners. Before joining the firm, Konstantina was Senior Legal Counsel at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Filomena CHIRICO
Head of Unit, Digital Markets, DG CONNECT


Filomena Chirico leads the Unit in European Commission’s DG Connect in charge of the implementation of the Digital Markets Act within the Platforms Directorate. Prior to that, she was expert member of the Cabinet of Commissioner for Internal Market and Digital Thierry Breton, where she was responsible for the preparation and negotiations of the new EU digital regulations, the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act.

Professor of Competition Law and Economics, LUISS University Rome


Giuseppe Colangelo is a Jean Monnet Professor of European Innovation Policy and an Associate Professor of Law and Economics at University of Basilicata. He also serves as Adjunct Professor of Markets, Regulation and Law at Luiss and of Legal Issues in Marketing at Bocconi University.
Further, he has been a Transatlantic Technology Law Forum (TTLF) Fellow at Stanford University since 2017.

Head of Europe, Keystone Strategy


Andrea is a Senior Partner in the London office and Head of Keystone’s practice in Europe. He is a leading European expert in antitrust and competition economics. Prior to Keystone, Andrea was the CEO of the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for six years until July 2022.




Professor of Competition Policy and Regulation, University of Rome LUMSA


Antonio Manganelli is Professor of Antitrust and Regulation at the University of Rome LUMSA, where he is also programme coordinator for the M.Sc. in Antitrust, Regulation and Innovative industries. Antonio holds a Ph.D. in Law and Economics from the University of Siena.

Lecturer in Competition Law, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 


Alba is a PhD Student in Competition Law at University Carlos III of Madrid with a special interest in digital markets, data protection and fundamental rights. Specifically, she is expert in the area of antitrust both by the Postgraduate in Competition Law at University Carlos III of Madrid and Short Course on Advanced EU Competition Law at The London School of Economics and Political Sciences.