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Climate and environment: the EU Commission's new targets for 2030

Camilla Palla
“We know change is needed – and we also know it is possible. We are proposing to increase the 2030 target for emission reduction to...

Contact tracing, towards cross-border application interoperability

Arianna Fantesini
The European Commission has announced the start of the first test for the creation of an interoperability gateway service. Once operational, by October, the cross-border...

New friends and old foes. The Israel-UAE delicate agreement

Ghazal Poorhasan
The historic deal between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel is going to be finalised on Sept. 15, the agreement on restoring full diplomatic relations, which its announcement almost a month ago has...
Digital Services Act

I-Com replies to the European Commission Consultation on the Digital Services Act

The Institute for Competitiveness (I-Com) expressed its views on how to reform the current EU’s legal framework for digital services, providing its contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on the Digital Services Act (DSA)....
Digital Agenda

Data, 5G, cybersecurity (and more) - the European Commission's digital priorities for the autumn

Camilla Palla
The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has had numerous consequences for European societies and economies and has led to a review of priorities at the...

Coronavirus and the path to recovery: what is SURE and what it provides for

Camilla Palla
Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency, better known as SURE, is the new labour support tool launched last May by the European Commission....

Golfgate: Phil Hogan officially presents his resignation to President Von der Leyen

Camilla Palla
With the summer now coming to an end, the return to work is now just around the corner for everyone. This will not be the...

An ecosystem for European security. What the Commission's new strategy provides for

Camilla Palla
In the context of the coordinated recovery action adopted in response of Covid-19 outbreak in the EU, on 24 July the European Commission presented the...

Recovery plan: a bittersweet deal

Mattia Ceracchi
On 21 July, at dawn on the fifth summit day, the European Council reached an agreement on the overall €1824 bn Recovery Plan, marking the...
hydrogen strategy

Is the EU betting on hydrogen? The Commission’s strategy

Barbara Macedo
Hydrogen is experiencing an unprecedented political momentum in Europe. As part of the EU comprehensive ambition to achieve Climate Neutrality by 2050, the number of initiatives promoting renewable based hydrogen are increasing. The recently...