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From tracking to vaccines, the strategy of the European institutions for the second wave

Arianna Fantesini
A strong EU action based on testing, contact tracing and vaccines to contain the current second wave of Covid-19 infections. Following the recommendation establishing common...

The impact of the pandemic on business confidence in Europe. The new data from the Commission

Camilla Palla
On October 29, the European Commission published the economic sentiment and business confidence indicators. The Economic Sentiment Index (ESI), is a composite indicator produced by...
25 MSs adopted a joint declaration agreeing to work together towards a European cloud federation initiative

Digital sovereignty, the European debate and the launch of Gaia-X

Lorenzo Principali
The EU institutions and Member States are pushing forward quickly the creation of a European Cloud Federation. Last 15 October, 25 out of 27 MSs...

Data: role and impact on the European economy

Maria Rosaria DELLA PORTA
With the growing focus on the Internet and the use of mobile devices, where objects communicate with each other using highly sophisticated technologies and a variety of sensors allow us to measure and monitor...
Strategy for data

The European strategy for data: the importance to ensure a data-oriented ecosystem

Silvia Compagnucci
Digital transformation is revolutionising our lives and resulting in the transfer of many offline activities to the network. This trend has been accelerated by the pandemic, social distancing and lock-downs which have imposed smart...

The European Way to Data Economy. Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

I-Com Digital Policy Brief
Digital technologies are transforming the economy and society, affecting all sectors of activity and the daily lives of all European citizens and businesses. Data is...

Green Deal, digital, health. The Commission's programme for 2021 (from strategy to delivery)

Mattia Ceracchi
The ambition to repair “the world of today” by shaping “the world of tomorrow”, and a marked shift “from strategy to delivery”, in line with...

Digital Services Act, the EU Parliament's proposals to the Commission

Arianna Fantesini
Stronger rules to tackle illegal content online, a safer Internet for consumers and the protection of basic rights online. These are the main points of...

Covid-19, the impact of the second wave on European institution work

Camilla Palla
Faced with what is now a new wave of the pandemic, national and European institutions find themselves forced to review how institutional work is carried...

The European way to data economy. The VideoTalk with Khalil Rouhana (DG CNECT)

“The European way to data economy. Taking stock and looking ahead”. This is the title of the VideoTalk held on 21 October by the Institute...