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Digital Euro, advantages and risks of the ECB's new virtual currency

Arianna Fantesini
The public consultations for the issue of the digital euro, a currency offered in digital form by the European Central Bank (ECB) to enable citizens...
Green Deal

The Green Deal and the European Commission's steps towards climate neutrality

Camilla Palla
With the launch of the Green Deal last December, the European Commission initiated the transition to a new type of economy and society. A radical...

A NEW FRAMEWORK FOR EUROPE’S DIGITAL RULES. Leading the path towards AI and digital services revolution

PromethEUs Digital conference, 13-10-2020

As part of its Digital Strategy, the European Commission is preparing to put on the table in the coming months two of the main legislative...

Brexit, what are the scenarios if no agreement is reached?

Arianna Fantesini
Clear rules, solid and long-term guarantees of open and fair competition. These are the main points that emerged during the ninth round of negotiations on...

Artificial Intelligence, the European solution pays off. What the latest study of the EU Parliament says

Arianna Fantesini
Given the absence of a global governance model on the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence, the European Union, through a common legislative action, would have...

TOWARDS A DECENTRALISED ENERGY WORLD. Are the new rules fit for new businesses?

Webinar, 30-09-2020

The effective unbundling of activities is one of the most important elements for a well-functioning, competitive European energy market and a building block of EU...
cancer plan

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the roundtable with Montserrat and other top MEPs

“What Role Can the European Parliament Play in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan? Best Practices on Cancer Prevention across Europe”. This is the title of the...

Connectivity and supercomputing, proposals for (possible) European leadership

Arianna Fantesini
Boosting fast network connectivity, developing a joint approach for the deployment of 5G and introducing a new common European high-performance computing regulation. These are the...

I-Com and other five think tanks expressed their views on the upcoming EU Pharmaceutical...

The Institute for Competitiveness, together with an informal coalition of think tanks and international civil society organisations, addressed a letter to European Health Commission Stella Kyriakides, expressing its views on the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy,...

Health, climate, digital. Ursula von der Leyen's first SOTEU between ambition and reality

Mattia Ceracchi
The EU ambition to lead the way out of the global crisis, the constant reference to the current challenges and founding political priorities, and the...