Our mission is to provide an input to public debate on the future of the EU system, employing multidisciplinary competences and different tools for in-depth analysis and dissemination, analyzing the contribution of the most important drivers for competitiveness and growth (or lack of) in Italy, in Europe and internationally. I-Com also focuses on the individual factors of competitiveness – digitalization, energy, innovation and institutions – from an integrated perspective.

I-Com pursues the objective of combining analytical rigor with absolute independence from political parties, taking specific positions on single issues and using dissemination tools accessible not only to professionals but also, more generally, to an informed public.

To pursue its associative goals, I-Com can carry out, on its own initiative or upon request from partners, the following activities:

  • Organizing and promoting conferences, seminars, training courses, debates and meetings open to the public or reserved to members, on the competitiveness of the Italian system in the European and / or international context;
  • Contributing to the public debate with ideas and policy proposals, through position papers, bill proposals and comments on national and international developments and proposed measures;
  • Publishing books, booklets and working papers on competitiveness issues open to external contributions and evaluated by an ad hoc editorial committee;
  • Designing and publishing newsletters, multimedia material and other in-depth information for internal and external dissemination in order to increase the cultural and scientific knowledge of its members;
  • Supporting research and studies on the competitiveness of the Italian, European and international systems, also through links and collaboration with universities and other research institutes;
  • Organizing initiatives for the training and specialization of all those working in the economic, political and social fields;
  • Organizing training initiatives that result in events open to the public in collaboration with public or private organizations, schools, universities, academies or other organizations that deal with culture and education, for the study and analysis of the competitiveness of the Italian system.

On 18 July 2017, I-Com joined the Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance, an international network of 25 independent think-tanks with the objective of promoting the liberalization of markets and global trade, while stating that governments should play a proactive role in supporting innovation and productivity. The alliance seeks to avoid anti-global populism as well as the most extreme forms of liberalism refuting any active role in governments.