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Because a blog I-Com

Blog article
In recent years, I-Com has made itself known among the professionals of some central sectors of the country's economic life for the seriousness of its content formats. Without abandoning, hopefully, the...

The future of the national health service

The future of the National Health Service poses a problem of verifying its economic sustainability, especially in light of the most recent measures of "rationalization and reduction of public spending" introduced by legislative decree 6 July...

Rapporto I-Com 2013 sui consumatori

Rapporto annuale

Le tematiche consumeristiche sono sempre più al centro dell’attenzione di aziende, media e istituzioni. Si evidenzia una crescente focalizzazione delle aziende nelle iniziative di dialogo e di engagement con i clienti, dalle strategie per...

TV 2.0. Connected tv and audiovisual media services in the european context

Giovanni GANGEMI
New technologies have dramatically changed television and the TV consuming experience. Users are more and more consuming audiovisual content through connectable devices such as PC and laptops, set-top-boxes, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, but also...

Annual Report Energy Efficiency WEEE 2013

Studio I-Com

The second Report on Energy Efficiency, produced by ENEA and which saw the collaboration of I-Com for the chapter on the analysis of energy efficiency in the real estate market, was presented on January 23rd. Below we report...

The National Energy Strategy

Studio I-Com

24 years after the launch of the last National Energy Plan, in a totally changed political and economic season, comes with the draft of the National Energy Strategy (SEN) the first organic document and complete with source...

I-Com 2012 Report on Next Generation Networks & Services

Annual report

New generation networks and technologies are becoming increasingly central and essential in people's lives. At the same time, public administrations around the world are increasingly committed to adopting...

Analysis of models of hospital pharmaceutical expenditure in Government

The Italian economic and financial crisis imposes drastic measures to consolidate the accounts, and the government of public spending assumes absolute priority. In 2011, the state's financial needs and net debt decreased...

Rapporto I-Com 2012 sui Consumatori

Rapporto annuale

Il Rapporto I-Com sui Consumatori intende annualmente passare in rassegna le principali novità che riguardano le forme di tutela dei consumatori, dando particolare enfasi alle azioni più significative e virtuose di empowerment messe in...

I-Com Energy Innovation Report 2012

Annual report

The fourth I-Com Report on Energy Innovation is proposed in a renewed and richer way. Alongside the usual benchmarking analysis on investments in R&D, scientific publications and patents, which contains insights for the main...