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DIGITAL HEALTH. The impact of Big Data & AI on EU healthcare systems

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Italy is in the last place for digitization of health care system. Only 46% of Italians use the Internet in order to collect medical information,...

The Mediterranean Gateway to the Energy Union

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The study aims at analysing the future policies that the European Union should adopt in order to ensure to its citizenry the energy supply, with...

Digital energy. Infrastructures, enabling technologies and the role of the consumer

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Nowadays, the energy system is strongly linked to the transformations currently underway in the field of ITC technology; therefore, it is necessary to talk about...

Thinking the future of European industry

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The EU has always held a leading position in the global industrial sector and, despite the crisis...

The impact of digitalization on business-to-consumer relationship

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The aim of the study is to question the most significant opportunities created by the digitisation process and made available to European consumers and businesses ...

Competitiveness of European media content industry and impact of digital single market

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A work of adaptation of the legislative framework of the digital content industry...

Health Technology Assessment in the European Union. State of Art and Future Scenarios

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Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is defined as a multidisciplinary field of policy analysis and, as such, it studies the medical, social, ethical, and economic implications of development, diffusion, and use of health technology. A...

INTERNET OF THINGS & 5G REVOLUTION. The Highway for the future of EU Services and Industry: Energy, Healthcare and manufacturing

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The growing availability of digital services, in particular, is in fact determining the gradual transfer to the network of multiple activities that increasingly find on...

AVMSD Refit or Reform? Audio Visual Media Services in the Digital Era

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La ricerca che ha portato alla stesura di questo paper è stata condotta nel quadro delle attività europee di I-Com.