Digital, sustainability and health. The Brussels’ weekly agenda in a nutshell

After the end of plenary session and, consequently, the work of the European Parliament for this term, the activities in Brussels will continue mainly within the Council of the European Union. The Commission, on the other hand, will be principally concentrating on the implementation of the various dossiers.

The coming week seems to be less busy than others, not only because of the work coming to a close in the Parliament, but also, probably, in view of the preparations for Europe Day, which will take place in Brussels on Saturday 4 May.


Monday 29 April. The Belgian Presidency of the Council is planning the event ‘Towards thriving territories: the potential of nature-based solutions’. This traditional informal event of each Council Presidency brings together key players in the European decision-making process to participate in in-depth discussions on a topic that contributes to defining a holistic approach to climate change and biodiversity challenges.


Monday 29-Tuesday 30 April. There will be an informal meeting of the General Affairs Council. The meeting will be held in the context of the 20th anniversary of the 2004 enlargement, with a celebration of the event and a series of discussions that will focus on the issues of strengthening the European Union and its instruments, particularly in the area of the rule of law.

Saturday 4 May. Europe Day is scheduled in Brussels. The main buildings of the institutions will be open to visitors, with activities and events to inform the public about the major activities and work of the EU.