Thinking the future of european industry

The EU has always been one of the most important industrial regional areas. Today, to preserve this position of leadership and to remain competitive in the worldwide economy, it is a necessity for Europe to follow the path of digitalisation and of Industry 4.0 technology. In Italy, it is clear that companies investing in Industry 4.0 technology and in digitalization achieve better performance in productions and exports than the others. In fact, working in a digitalized world entails recruiting more qualified personnel, improving energy and resource efficiency and thus protecting the environment. Surely, Italy is not the only Country that adopted measures in the field of digitalization as, for example, Germany and France have done the same. In the future, strong cooperation among the European Countries in sharing ideas, achieving goals and adopting policy measures together will be important in ensuring an aware process of digitalization, with particular attention to training our workforce and, in turn, to creating new job opportunities.