Taking Care of EU Health Policy. Coupling European Industrial Leadership with a Patient-Centered Approach

I-Com Study
health policy

Health systems across Europe still show bottlenecks and, moreover, they are facing new challenges in the near future. The study “Taking Care of EU Health Policy” developed by I-Com will try to describe the state of the art in terms of effectiveness, accessibility and resilience of healthcare systems in Europe meanwhile highlighting that business as usual is not enough to avoid growing inequalities among countries both in term of sustainability and in health outcomes.

The study highlights some crucial aspects of the state of the health in the EU, focusing on the prevailing issues that can lead the paradigm shift needed to support the improvement of healthcare systems around Europe towards a patient-centered and policy-integrated approach. The main content deals with three subjects, relevant to the ability of healthcare systems to improve their level of effectiveness, accessibility and resilience under a European common approach: the role of digital health; the role of value-based healthcare and the role of life science sector.

Year: 2019
N° of pages: 83
Authors: Maria Rosaria Della Porta, Eleonora Mazzoni