I-Com is In Krynica for the 28th Economic Forum

I-Com is an institutional partner of the Economic Forum, which will be held in Krynica, in Poland. This is the most importantant event in central and eastern Europe on economics related topics, now in its twenty-eighth edition. The summit – which brings together more than 4000 guests each year among political, economic and social leaders, together with 500 journalists – is scheduled for September 4-6. On September 5 will take place the panel “Possible impacts of HTA reform at EU level on National Health Systems”, which will be moderated by the President of the Institute for Competitiveness, Stefano da Empoli.

The debate will focus on the HTA reform and its possible impact on the health systems of the Member States, with a comparative perspective between Eastern and Western Europe. On January 31st the European Commission presented a proposal for a regulation, now awaiting approval from the European Parliament (here the comment of the Director of I-Com’s Innovation Area, Davide Integlia).

At this link, some useful information about the Krynica Economic Forum, while here you can find the full program of the initiative.