EU Cybersecurity Videotalk – Fostering Trustworthiness for Critical Infrastructure in Europe

Marina Kaljurand

EU Cybersecurity Videotalk – Fostering Trustworthiness for Critical Infrastructure in Europe”. This is the title of the VideoTalk held on 30 June by I-Com – Institute for Competitiveness.

Bringing together high-profile stakeholders from EU institutions, EU Member States, companies (telecommunication network operators and equipment vendors), business and civil society organisations, academic sector and other relevant stakeholders, the event – organised in cooperation with MEP Marina Kaljurand – provided a high-level and restricted forum to reflect on how to further develop cybersecurity and trustworthiness for digital technologies in Europe, as an essential component to ensure EU’s technological sovereignty. In particular, as the implementation of the EU Toolbox on 5G Cybersecurity is ongoing, the VideoTalk has been an opportunity to focus the discussion on cybersecurity issues for European telecommunications networks and related critical infrastructures.

Has the concept of European technological sovereignty, proposed by the Von der Leyen Commission, evolved significantly due to the crisis? How can the new EU cybersecurity strategy contribute to strengthening the EU’s technological sovereignty? Are recovery plan investments sufficient to address the EU’s cybersecurity ambitions? How should the Recovery Instrument funding in digital networks be channelled and prioritised? What is the state of play for the 5G toolbox implementation at Member State level? Are interoperable standardisation procedures such as NESAS useful to avoid the fragmentation and thus maximise the benefits of the Single Market?

The Cybersecurity VideoTalk was opened by Stefano da Empoli, I-Com President and Marina Kaljurand, MEP, Socialists and Democrats, LIBE Committee. There followed the keynote speeches, by Jakub Boratynski, Acting Director ‘Digital Society, Trust and Cybersecurity’, DG CNECT, European Commission; Luis Jorge Romero, Director General, European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI); Juhan Lepassaar, Executive Director, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA); Tamara Tafra, Chair of the Horizontal Working Party on Cyber Issues and Sven Lachmund, Chairman of Security Assurance Group, GSMA. An open debated, moderated by Mattia Ceracchi, I-Com Head of EU Affairs, before the final remarks by Wiktor Staniecki, Head of Cyber Sector, Security and Defence Policy Division, EEAS and MEP Marina Kaljurand.


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