I-Com in Mexico City to discuss about digital and technology with 34 other think tanks from around the world

The Institute for Competitiveness (I-Com) will be in Mexico City for the third annual summit of the Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance (Gtipa), a global network composed by 34 think tanks from 25 different countries, and sharing the same vision: the idea that, with the support of governments and through trade, globalization and innovation it is possible to produce significant benefits for the community.

The alliance was founded by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (Itif), which, according to the annual ranking compiled by the University of Pennsylvania, is considered to be the world’s leading think tank on digital innovation and technology. The Itif was founded, and currently chaired, by Robert D. Atkinson, former advisor for Barack Obama’s innovation policies.

I-Com joined the Alliance in 2017 and, just last year, together with the Itif and Competere, organized the annual summit in Milan.

GTIPA – National Innovation Policies – What Countries Are Doing Best and How They Can ImproveAt this year’s summit, scheduled for Thursday 13 and Friday 14 June at the Senate of the Republic of Mexico, representatives of Gtipa member think tanks and experts on trade, globalization and innovation are expected to attend. Along with the above mentioned, Mexican business and academic associations as well as representatives of the federal government, deputies and senators will also join the event. The President Stefano da Empoli and the Vice President Franco D’Amore will represent the Institute for Competitiveness. Innovation will be the main key of this two days. We will talk about Smart cities and the contribution that the technological revolution may bring to the economy, the role of the digital in the reorganization of global value chains and the challenges and opportunities offered by scientific innovation. Particular attention will be paid to developing countries and the opportunity to apply there the “best practices” successfully implemented in the advanced countries.