Common European data spaces and the case of the EU Health Data Space. The VideoTalk with Ceri Thompson, Deputy Head of the eHealth Unit (DG CNECT)


“Data sharing in the EU. Common European data spaces and the case of the EU Health Data Space”. This is the title of the VideoTalk held on October 21 that saw the participation of Ms. Ceri Thompson, Deputy Head of the eHealth, well-being and ageing unit at DG CNECT, as guest speaker.

After some introductory remarks, Ms. Eleonora Mazzoni Director of the Innovation area at I-Com, gave the floor to Ceri Thompson, for her keynote speech. Finally, after a brief exchange of views among the participants, Ms. Mazzoni wrapped up the event and left the concluding remarks to Ms. Thompson, before thanking the participants for taking part in the VideoTalk.

The event offered a forum to discuss challenges and perspectives on the Data Governance Act (DGA) and the management of data in relation to the health sector in Europe. The discussion highlighted the importance of data in the field of eHealth along with the future benefits and challenges for digital healthcare. It also touched upon the role of digital health technologies for the future of the healthcare sector in Europe. Ultimately, the VideoTalk shed a light on how the EU through the management of data can more effectively operate and respond to future health crises 

During the VideoTalk, participants tried to find answers to the following questions: what are to date the critical issues to be overcome to encourage the full exchange and use of health data in Europe? What actions should Member States take in overcoming the fragmentation of digital standards? Are European legislation and initiatives valid and sufficient to support the sharing of high-quality, harmonised, interoperable data? If not, what aspects need to be improved? Which initiatives should be put in place and which stakeholders should be involved to guarantee trust and, thus, the use of health data?

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